Mighty Party

83 4M
Tile-based & fast-paced innovative battle system. Easy to grasp and extremely tactical! Infinite squad combinations from dozens of Champions with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Lots of ways to power-up Heroes: level-up them, bind them with others, turn them into GOLD ones!
Turf Wars is a new widescale game mode where Guilds fight against each other for the most valuable territories. Prepare for glory!
Captivating PVP (Rankings, Tournaments, Events, Survival, Raids etc.) with great rewards!
Apr 6, 2017


Lead your MIGHTY PARTY to victory! Fast 3-MINUTE BATTLES will not let you get bored! Dozens of heroes reveal THOUSANDS of unique tactics to defeat all the opponents. Play Imperial Archer, protect him with Wind Ninja, strengthen them with Magic of Divinity and destroy opponent’s forces.


Explained in-game

March 1, 2021

Heroes! Today, 2021.03.01, we'll have a maintenance break at 10:30 UTC! The game will be unavailable for approximately 45 minutes.

February 25, 2021

Heroes! ⚔️ On one of the last days of winter, the Lord Protector discovered a huge ice cube on the castle steps. One could see the outlines of some unknown creature through the thick layer of ice. What to do with this strange find? Who knows what kind of creature is inside... Complete Quests! Get sparks! ✨ Open event chests to find the souls of the heroes: Melia, Forest's Daughter, Iceberg and Deep Maw! ⏳WINTER'S END starts on February 26th at 10:00 (UTC). ⭐Sparks will disappear with the end of the event, so make sure to spend them before that!

February 18, 2021

Heroes! ⚔ The Update is now available! ⭐️General changes: - Improved optimization and loading speed of the game; - Removed the cooldown between the end of a Battle Pass and the start of a new one; - Changed rank progression; - Reduced time for updating attempts in an event from 6 to 2 hours; - Changed gaining experience from the Journey chest; - Added a feature that allows to gain experience for completing Journey stages; - Added indication for trophies in the Journey mode, a chest with rewards, and the Gems Fund; - Added indication for Pit and Dark Tower to the main screen; - Changed the graphical display of attempts in the Pit and Dark Tower in the VIP section; - Fixed localization errors; - Removed New Year's decoration. ⭐️Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug with the game freezing when opening the list of guild members; - Fixed a bug with displaying resources on the main screen; - Fixed a bug with multiple pressing of the "collect" and "x2" buttons near the Journey chest; - Fixed a bug with lack of animation for buttons.
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