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Sep 11, 2020


Hi! We are Japanese game developer team "Hapiwaku Project"!
Hapiwaku means "Happy and Excited" in Japanese!
We hope you can be happy and excited through playing the game XD

We released IEH on Steam too!
The game performance is much better on Steam! Also, cloud save/load and DLCs are only available on Steam.
- Steam

- Discord
- Website
- Wiki
- Patch Notes

Our other games :
- Incremental Epic Breakers


Mouse click to play!
Upgrades unlock as you progress. Make sure to read the tool-tips for more info or refer to the in-game help found in the System menu.

"Shift-L” to enable/disable Loot Logs
“Shift-P” to turn on/off Performance Mode
“Shift-T” to enable/disable all Tool-tips
“Shift-B” to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field

February 26, 2021

[ver.] Added : Chinese Translation for materials Fixed : Always gained core when you defeated challenge boss Fixed : Typos and display bugs

February 24, 2021

[ver.] Added Chinese! Added : Chinese Translation (Though it is still a part of the game so far we will add more in the future) Fixed : Display bugs and typos [ver.] Hotfix Fixed : Hidden Mission Milestone for 300 now works Fixed : Curse “Explorer’s Nightmare” display bug [ver.] MAJOR UPDATE STEAM LAUNCH !!! 2021.02.23 Added : Hidden Areas, which is unleashed when you complete Area 8-1 Added : Hidden Mission Milestone Added : New Curse “Explorer’s Nightmare” Added : New Curse “Metal Curse” Added : New Epic Store Stuffs in Ambition 3 Added : Cloud Save comes back again! Added : New BGM! (So please turn it on again :D) Added : Japanese Translation! (Currently, only a few part of them are translated, but future updates will do rest of all) Balanced : Banana is now available for monsters only when your DPS exceeds 1% of their HP. Balanced : Buffed Fox Coat in Craft Balanced : Buffed Iron Hero Sword in Craft Balanced : Divine Stance damage increasements is reduced at lv 1500 and above Fixed and Balanced : Area 8-8 Mission Fixed : Scale Ring bug Fixed : Removed Skill Level Cap Fixed : Favorite Equip display Fixed : Mission Milestone 375 and 384 Fixed : Hold wing’s stance check triggered on activation allowing multiple activations per second through repeated clicks Fixed : Dodge text now counts as a damage text (you can now disable dodge text too) Fixed : Negative Reputation Increasing by Reincarnation Upgrade Fixed : Other minor bugs

October 20, 2020

[ver] Fixed : Now Distortion Slime level isn't taken over through reincarnation Balanced : When in Curse of Poverty, all items are 1 Gold price Fixed : Other minor bugs
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