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Hey, this is Hyper.
Look, I am a big fan of ludicrously detailed plans; anyone who has seen me in the forum games knows that. But I have never really OP'd for one.
So, I got the idea to start this club. It's very simple;
1. I give you a situation.
2. You make a plan.
3. I tell you the result of the plan.
4. According to the result, you may possibly be promoted to a higher rank. Simple enough, right?

---------------------------RANKING SYSTEM-------------------------
Look, the entire point of a club is the club hierarchy, right? A good tactician should be rewarded with some sort of promotion, and they will be. All you have to do is keep your percentage of good plans high, and do lots of plans, and you'll go up the ranks like it's nothing! Here is a list of all the ranks that you can achieve in the club. Each rank will be followed by three numbers; the first number is the percentage of good plans that you need for the rank, and the second percentage is the maximum number of bad plans that you have made, and the third number is the minimum plans you need to have made, total, in order to advance to the next rank. And after the rank's actual name, you'll see the abbreviation for it, too! You gotta love those simplifications!

The enlisted tactician? They've just joined up, and now they're trying to make a name for themselves in the MTC. They have no clout or power whatsoever. Give them their due respect as a fellow MTC tactician, but feel free to call them "rookie".

Private First Class/Pfc.[15%/85%/2]
Staff Sergeant/Ssgt.[35%/65%/7]
Sergeant Major/Sgm.[40%/60%/10]

Junior Officer
Now you're getting into the big leagues. This is where the chump stops coming and the champion enters the room. The junior officer does have some special privileges; they are eligible for small team leadership(see Mission Types), and they are also eligible for those shiny new Officer medals. Cool!

Warrant Officer/Wo1[45%/55%/12]
Chief Warrant Officer/Cw2[50%/50%/13]
Chief Warrant Officer 3/Cw3[55%/45%/14]
Chief Warrant Officer 4/Cw4[60%/40%/15]
Second Lieutenant/2Lt[65%/35%/16]
First Lieutenant/1Lt[70%/30%/18]

Senior Officer
O-ho-ho! Now you're actually getting somewhere. The senior officers are the best of the best. These high-ranking fellows are eligible for large-team leadership(see Mission types), and of course, more shiny new medals; the ones available for senior officers!

Lieutenant Colonel/Lcol.[85%/15%/23]

General Officer
The general officer is the golden standard. They are the best of the best. They are eligible for full team leadership, brand new shiny medals, and of course, one more thing. General officers are eligible for thread moderatorship. That means that once you reach the General Officer ranks, you can make your own scenarios. You can also recommend people for promotions or medals, etc. etc. Sounds cool, right?

Brigadier General/BG[92%/8%/26]
Major General/MG[93%/7%/27]
Lieutenant General/LG[95%/5%/28]
General of the Army/GA[100%/0%/30]

There are only about a million medals you can earn! Here they are! If there is a single asterisks after the medal, it means that only junior officers or above can earn it. If there are two asterisks, then only senior officers or above can earn it. And finally, if there are three asterisks, it means that only general officers and above can earn it. Four stars means that the medal is mission-specific! And last but not least, five stars means it's not a real medal, and it's a game-type specific medal.

Armed Forces Service Medal
Expert Pistol Medal
Expert Rifleman Medal
Combat Action Medal
Humanitarian Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Purple Heart Medal
Medal for Humane Actions

Bronze Star Medal*
Army Distinguished Service Medal*
National Defense Service Medal*
Army Achievement Medal*
Defense Superior Service Medal*

Silver Star Medal**
Legion of Merit Medal**
Distinguished Service Cross**
Army Commendation Medal**
Army Soldiers Medal-Heroism**

Congressional Medal of Honor***

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal****
Joint Service Commendation Medal****
NATO Medal****
Kosovo Campaign Medal****
WWII Victory Medal****
WWI Victory Medal****
Korean Service Medal****
United Nations Medal****
Vietnam Service Medal****
Afghanistan Campaign Medal****
Iraq Campaign Medal****
Liberation of Kuwait Medal****
Civil War Campaign Medal****
Prisoner of War Medal****

PVP Medal*****
Full Team Medal*****
Rush Medal*****

Whew, that's a lot of medals!

---------------------------------------------MISSION TYPES-----------------------
Ah, mission types! Well, there are a few different kinds of missions, player-wise. Let me just cue you in on this.
Full Team Game: These are rare and require a lot of teamwork, and good skills on all members of the team. Basically, it's a rank game; the general officer forms a plan. For the purposes of this, let's say that his or her plan is to have Team A split up into three different parts, Team B and Team C, plus the other half, Team 1, will also split into three parts, Team 2 and Team 3. Teams A,B, and C will do recon, then Teams 1,2, and 3 will come in locked and loaded. It's then the senior officer's job to refine that plan; for example, maybe Team A will be using binoculars, Team B will be scaling the wall to check out the defenses, and Team C will be distracting the guards. Then, the plan will become further and further detailed, like a chain reaction. You build upon your superior's idea. In a full team game, there will usually be only two teams, and each will have a whole lot of members. They will be assigned the same mission and formulate a plan. The team with the best plan, IMO, wins. Simple.
PVP Game: Ah, the wondrous PVP is brought to the MTC! Basically, in PVP, there will be two teams; attackers, and defenders. The attackers(completely unaware of what the defense team is going to do) create an assault plan jointly, and the defenders(equally unaware of what the attack team's plan is) will formulate a defense plan, jointly. Joint, in this case, means that anyone can submit an idea, and the rest of the team will vote on if they think it's good or not. The higher ranking you are, the more clout your vote holds. If the defense is broken, the attackers win. If the assault is staved off, the defenders win. Simple.
Singular Game: The singular game is standard fare. You will receive a situation from me, and will command with what you have. The better you do, the better for you. There is only one player in the singular game, and the rest are all NPCs.
Rush: Rush is an experimental idea. Basically, in Rush mode, there will be two teams(size doesn't matter). Once we have ascertained that all participating members are present and ready to go, I will present the scenario and a time limit. Once the scenario is presented, the clock starts ticking. You have a limited amount of time to complete and submit the plan. If the plan is submitted after the deadline, you forfeit the game. If both plans are submitted on time, I will judge to see which is the best. If both plans are submitted after the deadline, then there will be a rematch.

Statistics Sheet
This is for my convenience. Please copy and paste this every once in a while so I don't have to go digging for it.
User Name:
Rank: Recruit.
Rank Grade: Enlisted.
Medals: None.
Missions Won: 0
Missions Lost: 0
Win/Lose Ratio: None.
Total Missions Played: 0

Once a few people have joined, I'll give ya'll a scenario and you can start. Good luck, and have fun!

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