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Hello fellow players!

I am indie dev working on my game called Kingdom of Pixels that've been published couple days ago.

I am looking for your opinion on the game, what is wrong or what can be improved!

Link to game:

Small game description
- Genre: Moba, Fighting, Action, Midcore, Heroes, Upgrades
- Platform: Web (Browser)
- Is multiplayer - Yes
- Game is challengin and hard to master.

For people who never played MOBA, MOBA means multiplayer online battle arena, big names like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Goal in moba games is to protect your (base / ancient / crystal) and destroy enemy crystal, these games contain RPG/Strategy elements like leveling up, abilites and items. Towers and minions are NPC units that are part of a game, before attacking enemy crystal you must destroy enemy tower. However enemy tower is very strong and you cant man fight it, you need help of your minions. And this is all about the MOBA genree, you are trying to destroy enemy tower and crystal with help of your minions (they tank tower damage for example), meanwhile enemy player is trying to do same. Better player win the game!
- It all changes in 2v2 or XvX mode, where team coordination and communication is required.

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