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This morning I opened the game Your Chronicle on Chrome, clicked Load from pc as usual, then played for two hours. Since I was about to finish for now, I clicked the Save to Cache button. As usual, I got the one line of text at the bottom saying it had saved. Then I closed the window. That happened approximately 1hr 40 mins ago.

Occasionally the save fails to happen, so also as I usual, I reopened Chrome and went back to the game page. To my shock and horror, I saw this:

I've tried closing and reopening Chrome a few times. It hasn't worked.

I really want to recover the cache save. The Load from file (4th button) is unfortunately weeks out of date.

I downloaded and installed a program called Recuva to search for deleted files. Unfortunately it didn't turn up anything last modified today or yesterday that looks promising.

I also went to the folder ...\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache and backed up everything just in case.

Any further advice on what to do?


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