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I was double-checking the news that Flash Player is ending altogether in 2020 (i.e. sometime just next year), and I'm trying to check how many games that I'm playing will be affected if it is completely killed off.

So far, almost all of the games I've come to play on this site (most in the Strategy section - I'm not sure how many other games would be affected by this in other genres) are giving me a message when I set my setting to "Ask to Run Flash", which is saying say that Flash is required to be enabled for play.

So does this mean all of them will not be supported if Flash is killed? Or are there ways to run these games without Flash?

EDIT: For context of the games I've checked so far:
* The Last Stand: Union City
* Epic Battle Fantasy 4
* House Of Wolves
* Renegades
* Pre-Civilization Marble Age
* Battalion Nemesis
* Recordshop Tycoon
* SteamBirds: Survival
* Castle Wars 2.5
* Deadly Neighbors 2

So far the ONLY game that doesn't require a "Flash Check" that I've found was The Last Stand: Dead Zone. So again: What about all the other games that so far require Flash to be enabled for play?

DOUBLE-EDIT: I have stumbled across this "Flashpoint" project meant to preserve Flash games after its official end of life in 2020 (, so I hope all the games that I play get transferred there eventually. I'll try to see if I can get some of the games that haven't gotten there just yet to be preserved at a later time.

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