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ForumsThe TavernTrying to find old flash game (Midieval Tower Defense-ish)

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Hey all! I'm looking for an old flash game I used to play a while ago (2005-2010 ish), and I just haven't been able to remember the name.

The game play style was similar to 'Age of War' (the flash game on ArmorGames), in that you face a computer and send units at each other while defending your side. There is a slight difference in that the bow turret defending your case was controlled by you, not automatically aimed. The game had a more campaign style feature where you would progress through levels as one of three races - pretty sure they were humans, elves, and orcs. As you progressed you would upgrade your units and castle/turret (and maybe powers too?).

This has been bothering me for a while; I loved this game and I've been trying to remember the name forever!

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