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This is my first and last post on the forum, and I'd never really go out of my way for something like this, but having been on this site for a good 9 years, I figured I might as well say something in tribute to a website I've been on for almost half my life. I joined this site when I was 11, so I would be able to log my progress in a game called Exit Path. From there, I would go on to explore different genres of games, and immerse myself in many different digital worlds when I didn't really have any consoles to play with, outside of any computer I could get my hands on.

I'd find some really iconic games that I still have a soft spot for. Alice is Dead, Infectionator 2, the DuckLife games, all the games from Flipline Studios, and jmtb02. The ones whose sequels I was excited for but never saw the light of day, like K.O.L.M.. Beautiful games like William and Sly, House of Wolves, and Phoenotopia. Dark games like Sequester, Balloon in a Wasteland, and Deep Sleep. Dwarf Village, Monster Bark, the hilariously bad Election Smackdown, and countless others that would take forever to list if I remembered them all. I will probably still come back and play them, although my amazingly long progress will likely be lost, but due to the recent security breaches, I have to let go and delete this account to prevent any other threats to my information.

I thought after the first one, I might be able to hold out for another year, at least, so that I can satisfyingly end my account after it celebrates its double-digit birthday, but then, two more hit. These two had not been announced by ArmorGames, but instead, I had been notified by my bank that my information was found floating around somewhere in the dark web. I knew exactly where it had come from, and since it doesn't seem like much action is being taken to secure the site, I am afraid I will have to say goodbye.

I know it's oddly and unnecessarily sentimental for me to make such a gargantuan post about a website where I came to play flash games growing up, but when I think about it, I've had this account since I was a preteen, before puberty hit and everything seemed to change for the worse. I still enjoy sharing the games I've found here with other people, but now I will have to do it as an outsider. So thanks, ArmorGames, for everything. It's been a good run, but I think it's time to call it quits. Goodbye!

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