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ForumsThe Tavern[spam necro] I'm Going to College!

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... in about a year and a half.

So if you somehow missed the thread title, I plan on going to college. Yay! But I've never been to college... which means I don't really know anything about college life... so... help?

If anyone remembers, like 3 years ago I made a thread asking advice for high school. This is basically the same thing, except with college. Give me college advice!

If what I'm askimg for isn't specific enough to answer, here's a few questions you could answer: How is the food? If the college I'm planning on going to is about an hour away, should I live at home or at a dorm? What are some ways I can study? Should I go to a city college or a more rural college? What should I watch out for? If I'm planning on taking a programming class, would it be recommended that I buy my own laptop or whatever? What should I look for when choosing a college? etc.

So please help your favorite R2. He wants to get educated.

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