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The chapters will be posted in the OP. I shall post on the thread every time a new chapter is released. I'd also like to note that I'm writing this for fun. If you see any mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling, or anything else, it's because I wrote this basically on the go. Written wherever my imagination took me. I certainly have many things planned out for this story, but all of that will come in time. I hope you don't take this too seriously as if I were writing a novel, because I'm not. All I ask is that you enjoy the story like how I will enjoy writing it. To all my readers, or anyone who stumbles upon this thread, thank you for taking the time to read it! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The air was thick, filled with mist. The clouds were gray, and it was raining from the heavens. The battlefield was covered in blood. It was ten thousand men against one. Victor, who wielded the great Man Slayer blade. A giant sized sword soaked in so much blood, it could tear the heavens and hurt any god, but it was cursed. He who holds the Man Slayer must not stop killing. The blade fed on blood, and if it was not given blood, it would take the blood of he who wielded the blade, eventually eating the warrior from the inside out.

Victor was surrounded by a thousand of men, but they all feared him. Every single soldier who stood in front of him was cut in half, one way or the other. Above, below, from the left, and from the right, his attacks knew no stopping. It would not be slowed by blade, armor, or even shield. Man after man fell. This was the life of Victor. This was his battle.

Victor wore no armor, just black robes. This symbolized the power of his blade. His skill knew no limits either. He was born next to a blade, and lived a life of battle since he was a child.

Suddenly, the soldiers stopped attacking, but the ground was shaking. A warrior approached with heavy armor and a giant sword. His body was so large, that it covered the only light cutting through the dark and heavy clouds.

"You, Victor, the curse of the land will be stopped." The giant man spoke as he approached victor on a white stallion.
"I wouldn't need to kill you if you had just not come. A shame, I've heard many storied of you, Ihvan." Victor replied, still not exhausted from hours of battle. He was calm, and his breathing was slow.
"You will pay for the lives you have taken. This is the end for you. You are nothing more than stories from brothels and bars".

Ihvan the giant man, charged with his stallion, spinning his giant club. Meters from Victor he lifted his giant club and swung down. It was all for nothing, as Victor cut right through the stallion, the armor, and the weapon, like paper. The remains flew right past Victor's sides. The men were all terrified. Their faces and their screams after the the duel showed it. Their leader was dead, because of this most of the men ran for the hills. The others that did not were slain.

Victor's body was covered in cuts, and arrows. After all, he was still human, and although his skill with the blade was unmatched, his body could only move so fast to avoid and defend so many attacks. The reason he could not stop fighting, was because if he did, he would die. He's not invincible, but he could heal as fast as he could kill. The cursed blade would absorb blood from the killed, and heal Victor. The iron from the blood would be used to keep the blade from chipping, and if it came to it, breaking. He pulled the arrows from his body before the injuries became permanent.

"Another army, when will this madness end?" He spoke to himself.

To be continued...

Chapter 2

“For any soldier, the price for Victor, the man slayer, is a thousand lifetimes worth of gold!” The King of the land proclaimed. This was the start of Victor’s endless battle. Before that he had been a wandering soul. Going from place to place in search of a mercenaries’ job. The only way he could feed his blade, and of course, himself. Victor didn’t actually need any food or water, the blade’s cravings satisfied that for him. Blood was enough.


10 years ago…

It was a bright day, and the garden of the castle always held a duel between Nelo and Victor. Nelo was the only son of the King. Prince and rightful heir to the throne. They were both teenagers at the time. One was to be King, and the other was in the position to be a great knight. Both great friends. But both could not see what was to come.

“Victor, one day, I will attain complete and absolute power over the lands. You will be there as a knighted man.” Nelo spoke.

“That dream isn’t so far, but I cannot stay in the kingdom forever. House play and politics isn’t my style. I wasn’t born of royal blood; I don’t think I belong here.” Victor replied.

“You plan to leave?” Nelo spoke quietly.
“I plan to forge my own army, and battle the strongest warriors.”

Victor was the youngest mercenary hired by the king to do odd jobs. That is how Victor met Nelo. Nelo was impressed by Victor’s skill in battle, and wanted to be just as strong as he was. So he befriended Victor, and challenged him to a duel every day since they met.

“Listen, Victor. There are rumors of how to attain a great blade, one that is cursed, but will bring great fortune to the wielder. You must come with me to find that blade.” Nelo asked.

“Those are merely stories and from bars and brothels. They aren’t meant for a prince such as yourself, Nelo.” Victor spoke.

“The truth is, to be king, I need absolute power, and my sources tell me the blade is just north, to the mountains. It isn’t much of a travel if you ask me. Will you join me?”

“Nelo, I…”

Before Victor could speak any further, Nelo stood in front of him, and then proceeded to bow.

“I beg of you. I need a strong warrior, to guide me through the forest, rumored to be infested with monsters and demons.” Nelo pleaded.

“Alright alright! Stop bowing, it’s an insult to the kingdom for you to bow to me! Stop, before anyone sees.” Victor shouted.

“Very well! Our journey to the mountains begins first thing tomorrow!” Nelo said happily. “Let us duel once more for today, I need the practice!” He smiled at Victor.

“very well.”

The two got up, and walked towards the middle of the garden. Both of them took their stances. Before the next leaf could fall, Nelo charged forward and swung downwards. Victor avoided the attack by feinting to the left and before Nelo knew it, Victor’s blade was an inch from Nelo’s neck.

“Let me show you a trick my uncle taught me.” Nelo spoke seriously.

Nelo swung his blade upwards and parrying Victors blade. Because Victor was so surprised he let go of his blade and it flew up into the air and fell to the ground.

“Well, let me show you a trick I’ve learned from battle.” Victor spoke viciously.

Victor bit Nelo’s blade and pulled Nelo towards him, then bashed his head onto Nelo’s. Nelo let go of the blade and fell to the ground. Victor let go of the blade from his mouth and caught it with his hands, pointing it towards the fallen Nelo.

“Checkmate.” Victor smiled.

“You really have the skill to become a great warrior, Victor. I need you by my side the day I become king. One day you will be knighted, if not by my father, then by me.” Nelo spoke, almost laughing.

Nelo got up and picked up Victors blade. Nelo handed the blade to Victor, and Victor returned Nelo’s blade.

“You speak as if I will stay here forever. But you forget the fact that I am just a mercenary under your father.” Victor smiled as he spoke.

“Non-sense. Once my father sees what I see in you, there will be no turning back, future-knight! Well I best be off to rest for tomorrow. I must also let my father know. I’ll meet you at the gates tomorrow. Don’t be late.”


To be continued...

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