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Welcome to the Sonny: Genesis Armor Design Contest!

As some of you may already know, I'm developing a fangame to
the acclaimed Sonny series. I'd love to involve fellow fans of the series in
the creative process as much as possible, and thus decided to create this

How to participate

All you have to do is download this template, and start designing an
armorset you'd like to see in the game.
I encourage everyone to give it a try; even if you think you can't draw that well!
At the end of the contest, I'll pick one winning armorset to be featured
in the game! (and your alias in the credits if you want)

Armorsets may be created using any medium;
Ex. Photoshop, MS Paint and even handdrawn entries are allowed.

Once you're happy with your design,
embed it into a post in this thread to submit it.


  • Every armorset has to be 100% designed by you; an origional creation.
  • Every participant may submit up to three armorsets.
  • The deadline for submitting an armorset in the contest is: 10/09/2016

If you have any questions regarding the contest or template,
feel free to ask them in this thread. Good Luck to everyone!

- Jeremy

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