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Hello boils and ghouls and spectres of all sorts! Something you might not know about me is that I love horror. Scary games, movies, books... I'm all about it, even if it means I spend most of my time in bed eyeballing that shadow in the corner of the room that is probably the vacuum cleaner but might also be the voiceless woman who crawls up from the drains to steal your breath while you sleep.

In that same vein, I also love creepypastas, which, for the unaware, are simply internet scary stories people write up and pass around, typically of the urban legend or "this happened to a friend of a friend of mine" variety. So, I thought we could have a contest to see who can craft the spine-tingliest creepypasta!

THE GIST: Write an original scary story (five hundred words minimum) about anything you wish and post it in this thread. The three winners will be chosen by me! Don't let fear about not being a "good enough" writer hold you back from entering. This is for fun, general spoopiness, and to encourage creativity!

THE DEADLINE: August 6th, 2016

THE RULES: Original content only! Don't plagiarize someone else's writing or story, and don't borrow from other works. In other words, even if it's an entirely new story written by you, don't write something about, say, Slenderman or the girl from The Ring. Be creative! Also, Try to keep things PG-13. You don't need excessive adult content to be scary.

THE PRIZES: Three (3) writers will win one copy each of Super Chibi Knight and GemCraft: Chasing Shadows on Steam. Everyone who participates will get a merit!

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