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I’ve started a record label with a good buddy of mine. We specialize in the development of artists with their success being our top priority..

This being said. We are new. Not popular. We need your help as listeners AND as artists. Do you fancy yourself an artist? Well, guess what? We do FEATURE FRIDAYS. EVERY Friday we will feature an artist including all information in order to give that artist the exposure they deserve. When asked we will give our personal critique of the artist or song. Just email to

Keep in mind that the artist exposure is by audition. We still choose what goes on the page considering the mass amount of artists expected to join in on this escapade. This is all done with NO OBLIGATION to the record label, although we ask that you do like our page and encourage you to share it amongst your friends. We will not enforce the like or share, but it is very much appreciated.

Now for the listeners. If you love music then you would be down and ready to support the small artists. That’s what we are all about. We are giving you fresh NEW music that you haven’t heard each week and opportunities to win prizes each month. Keep up to date on our page and we will keep you up to date on the newest features! Also watch out for the releases from our label!

Thank you for reading!

Same Side Productions

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