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ForumsWEPRIs explicit language becoming acceptable everywhere?

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I've noticed that over the past few years many TV shows rated TV-14 and under (U.S.) have stopped bleeping out words like d---, a--, s---, p----, etc. I'm not including TV- MA, I'm talking about shows that are on family channels. I've noticed that the good ole F-bomb is only bleep word consistently bleeped out. Is this acceptable? Technically, most bleep words mean the same thing as their non-bleep counterparts. Is there a significant difference between the clinical use and the explitive use of these words?
As I remember it, most of these words were strictly bleeped out for years, but now many of them are being openly used on TV-PG shows.

Kids still in the single digit age group openly use these same words, talk about porn, and make jokes about women three times their age like little porn stars.
My point is that no one even seems to attempt to keep their language down to a minimum volume. I know because when I am at a restaurant or other public place, I hear it often.

Is this acceptable?
What are the proper age and language restrictions for television?
How much worse/despariging are explitive words compared to their counterparts?

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words are dead and very powerful at the same time...

Three words,

back to the topic, I don't think cursing in itself is that bad, but every thing has its place.
I swear worse than a drunk dwarf around my friends but I can't do that in my office or at home.
SO with in itself, swearing is not bad and I don't mind children learning them but they should be taught the difference between right and wrong and as such, they'll know to hold their tongue.
I think this is the main problem with the world today.
We say an action is good or bad and teach so to our children, withoout explaining the why of it.

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