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Are you a transhumanist or are you wary of enhancing technologies?

After reading an article on the dark side of wearable fitness trackers (out of which I took the thread title), I got curious about who is in support of enhancing technologies like those fitness trackers or other gadgets. Obviously, pacemakers and prostheses are really useful, but they are primarily a replacement for a dysfunctional or missing organ or body part. Making the user of such technology a cyborg is just a neat side effect Fitness trackers, 'smart' clothing and implants are different in that their use is not strictly medical and can be used by anyone. But are they really as benign as it sounds? I'm interested not just in the short-term benefits, but also and especially in the long-term implications for the individual and humanity. Is the development of a 'posthumanity' likely? Is it a good thing?

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