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ForumsArt, Music, and WritingThe Legendary Table of the Order: The Sunny Story of Happiness

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They sat on the table. There were many empty chairs, but light only shined upon the table and the places of the peoples clown masks that the light could touch. Anything else was darkness. The knights, all in dressed in medieval armor, wearing clown masks.

Legend: Give me the hammer.
Doom: I don't think so.
Legend: Why not? I have given you power, yet you still refuse to use it. Both of you.
Dark: *sits quietly*
Doom: Look, I don't think that bashing your hammer on our members will do any of us good.
Legend: *Smashes the hammer on Doom's face*
Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Was that necessary?

Doom, Legends only remaining friend and right hand man, had been lost in the abyss of the unicorn.
As doom lay on the floor quiet, blood dripping from his head, the rest was silence.

Legend: Do not make his mistake, Red.
Red: I'm on the brink of frightful speech.
Legend: And I of frightful hearing.
Dark: *Sits quietly*
Saphire: Uhm... L-L-Legend....
Legend: *Smashes hammer on Saphires Head* Away with you for stuttering my name.
Helpo: One.. two... three... four... five... six... ... one-hundred.
Red: Have you gone so mad as to count on your own?
Legend: Dark, give them their souls back.

As the two on the floor sit back on their chairs fearfully yet quietly, they begin to realize the unicorn had poisoned Legend's blood. Nothing was the same. Then they start to count again, in the dim light, that was at war with the shadows, losing to the darkness, yet fighting.

Legend: One.
Doom: Two.
Saphire: Three.

This went on until sixty-six.

Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Sixty-seven
Helpo: Sixty-eight.
Saphire: Sixty-eight.

Both fearful, they run towards one direction of the darkness. Seeing a light at the distance, they run towards it. Running and running out of fear. As they get closer to the light, they slowly stop. There was the table again. There was nowhere to run.

Legend: Sit down. I will let it slide this time, for the both of you, not knowing my path to power, was the path to the dark side.

They sit down, in fear. They knew there was nowhere to run.

Dark: He will find you if you run, he will kill you if you talk, and he will claim your soul.
Doom: I can't take this anymore! Lynch!
Red: Lynch!
Saphire: Lynch!

They all chant the words. They all chant with courage, for the first time. But before anyone was lynched, figures of clowned masked copies of Legend appeared behind everyone, holding a hammer, and laughing. Quietly, oh so quietly. The table was even more silenced.

All the Legends: Hammer them, all of them. Hammer them, killing them. Hammer them, flatten them. Hammer them, hammer them.

*Repeated pounding*

Doom: W-W-Why?!
Legend: Might controls everything, without strength you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Without a second to spare, doom was hammered again, and again, and again.

Legend: Switch on the lights?
Legend: Yes, switch them on.
Legend: *flips switch*

As the lights turn on, the only thing Saphire could see while pretending to be unconscious or even dead was the words "power" written everywhere. As she slowly peeked to left, Legend's face was already staring at her. Behind him, the other Legends were staring too.

Legend: Goodnight, sweet child, do not dream of dying, you will wake up, dream of heaven, you will be asleep forever.

And the rest was silence(?)


The next happy story will come out soon!

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I love this! I feel evil now though... Also, where is Peg?

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I kind of have to agree with hectichermit, Legendary. Really, the only thing about us on here is our names. No personality or anything, just the names. It would be cool if you made our characters be somewhat like us.

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You guys make a good point. Why not?! I'll try to incorporate your personalities better.

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If you don't make one about Doom's uprising I will cry.

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I need chapter three! And yes, Doom uprising was epic enough to be in a future chapter.

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Chapter 666

Helpo: I volunteer as tribute.
Doom: Very well, while Legend is asleep, I am in control.
Dark: *Sits Quietly*
Red: Give Doom the hammer.

As Legend slumbers Doom approaches, quietly, oh so quietly.

Legend: What's going...

Doom proceeds to smashing Legend over and over until the hammer is damaged permanently. Legend now sleeps for eternity.

Doom: You're mine. *evil laugh* You're all promoted! Except you, Helpo, you are banished! But I shall give you incentives when you return.
Red: Give me the blood red I deserve!
Doom: Granted! All those in favor of my rule say "I"!
Members: "I!"
Armorplayer: No! No! Legend created this place! He deserves to be our leader!
Saphire: I agree! Nothing will sways me to your side!
Doom: Saphire, you are granted the title "Hero."
Saphire: You are my master, doom! No one shall oppose you!
Red: Death to Legend!
Members: Lynch! Lynch! Lynch! *Chanting goes on*
Doom: Feel my power! To prove my strength, I will banish all of you for lunch! Come back for dinner.
Apl: We should have a fair trial before we proceed!
Doom: Remember what happened in Armoria? Certainly not here!
Dark: All this chaos, and for what?

~Legends Dreams~
Helpo has been banned.
ChapZ has been banned.
ChapZ has been unbanned.
Red has been promoted.
Saphire has been promoted.
ChapZ has been promoted.
Doom has been given ultimate power.
Darkfire has been given ultimate power.
You have become... worthless to your own powers.

Unicorn: Legend, it's time to wake up. You're order has been disordered. You have become the very weakness you banish, you have become a memory in your own dreams. Wake up, show them what might is. Might controls everything, without strength you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself.


Legend awakens from his nightmares, fearful of the power he might lose if he does not do something about it. His power will return and become god-like.

As the clan celebrates in their chaos, Legend walks toward the table in where they are feasting. The hammer flies out of Doom's hand and into Legend's hand. Self-repairing itself through an even purer form of power.

Legend: ENOUGH! Doom, I take from you your power which you hold! You're title, and your strength!
Doom: No! Ten more minutes! I want to enjoy this!
Saphire: Run!
Red: Not my blood red! *runs*
Legend: Almighty unicorn! UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DAMAGED!

Left and right, legend swings his hammer, taking back his power. One head after another, he grows stronger, but to restore the chaotic order in which he gave birth to.

The spells were cast, the powers have been taken and consumed. All who were banished have returned, and order is yet once again back to normal.

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Brilliant! :P But I didn't actually betray you...
Is that really what you saw in your inbox? Well done @SirLegendary

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No it isn't exactly that @Saphire24 . I told him that we will contest all this chaos, that we didn't mean for it to last anyway and requested some more time to enjoy it! So it is sort of what I said except that I asked for much more time (about an hour! )

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True story! I got my red username back, so I'm happy now. Chap wasn't so lucky, however. I did give him a screenshot of him being a mod, and he put it as his wallpaper. Speaking of which, you forgot Chap. He was part of the revolution, too. The chat box was so chaotic that day. It was hilarious! Doom promoting everyone, Ap yelling at everyone to stop, most of us cheering for the downfall of your tyranny... Also, you did a better job of including personality here, but I think you could do a better job. Either way, I'm excited for more of these in the future.

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I love the story so far! It's so true to life.

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It doesn't matter wether you agreed or not @Gogotank , you just got this the same way Hermit did

And @SirLegendary , when can we expect the next chapter?

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@Doombreed, I just need some creative juices flowing! I'll have a new chapter out soon!

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Hey there guys! So, I had many ideas about some of the chapters in this story, and Legend informed me he is getting a bit busy. he gave me permission to write anything interesting that comes to my mind
You are free to share any ideas you might have about one of the next chapters, and of course, like me, you are free to participate in the writing of this story more actively. Should you feel like writing parts or even chapters of the story yourselves, you need only ask! All that I will require is to check it before I put it here :

Chapter 3

It was one of the many quiet days in the order. ChapZ, Doom and the ever-present AP were there, waiting for more members, so that they may do something more interesting! With a stretch of all his tentacles out of water, ChapZ, the kraken apprentice, let out a massive yawn.

Doom: Ugh. I am so bored... I want to do something with this place...I mean, what is the reason to have power if you cannot use it?
ChapZ: True I guess...What do you want to do?
Doom: I don't know...Oh look here is the unicorn.

Doom was right. As everybody turned around, they saw the unicorn standing right at the door, peacefully looking at them.

Doom: Look at it. Hard to believe that it is responsible for Legend's corruption, for all the insanity here.
ChapZ: Yeah...Legend seems to be worshipping it.

Doom casually approached it and started petting it. But everybody knew something was wrong. Doom hated that animal more than any other.

Doom: Hey there...It's ok. Don't be afraid... I am right here.
ChapZ: Doom...what is going on?...AAAAHHHH!

ChapZ shouted in horror as he saw Doom raising his banhammer and bringing it down on the unicorn's head!

It was done...The unicorn fell to the ground unconscious.

ChapZ: Why did you do that?
Doom: First, that animal was really getting on my nerves...Second, because I am a daemon Prince of the Blood God who's been far too peaceful the past weeks! I need the blood! I need the skulls again!

At this point, Doom suddenly felt the urge to be released from Legend's control. To make his own destiny from now on.

Doom: This is for you Legend! This is what happens when I get bored! See your precious unicorn? Blood for the blood god!
ChapZ: But why on the unicorn?
Doom: "Would you rather have me hit you instead?...Actually, that is a very good idea." Said Doom with a sadistic glare in his eyes. "How about one of you leans over here and allows me to hit him on the head with a banhammer?"
ChapZ: you are joking right?
Doom: Not at all. I want to test them out. Make sure we didn't get a weak batch.
ChapZ: But you already used it on the unicorn. Poor thing almost died! What more do you want to check?
Doom: I don't know how it feels...In what kind of trance it is..How it perceives everything right now. So, I need a volunteer...One that will tell me how it felt when he wakes up!
ChapZ: But why on Earth would anyone volunteer for that?
Doom: Because I will give incentives to the volunteer
ChapZ: OMG! Me! Me me me! Pick me!
Doom: Alright then. Lean over here. I will hit you with this hammer, then attempt to bring you back. Though be warned: I am not sure if I will be able to revive you!
ChapZ: It's alright! Do it! Come on! *sticks head out of water*
Doom: Alright then! Here goes.

With tremendous force, Doom swings the banhammer directly on ChapZ's head. All the members were very excited to take part in such a great social experiment. At least, that's how they perceived it!

AP: OH! Amazing!

ChapZ's body fell back in the water, but due to his massive size, most of him was still outside the pool he was using...Unsure about the kraken apprentice's condition, the members were very hesitant to come close to him

AP: Is he....? Is he De--?
Doom: We'll see. I will attempt to revive him now. Stand back everyone.

With the magical power only a Legendary mod has, Doom attempted to kick ChapZ back to life. But nothing appeared to change... ChapZ lied on the ground just as pale and motionless as before.

AP: OMG! Is he really--AAAAAAAHHHH!

With a sudden tentacle movement that sent AP flying away, ChapZ knocked himself up! All of the members watching in awe, he said only 3 words:
"I am back"

Everyone started shouting, laughing and jumping up and down with excitement, asking millions of questions about how it was. Asking ChapZ to repeat his story a hundred times.

In the meantime, Legend was watching from afar, wondering what could have corrupted his friend so much, that he started hitting the members with his banhammer for no reason... He didn't know what to think.

He eventually decided to sleep over it and decide about it the next day.

Little did he know, that he would come close to death, long before he woke up.


Doombreed: The Daemonic Arsonist who is also a mod at the Legendary order.
@ChapZ : The Kraken apprentice who is always excited when it comes to Legendary points!
@armorplayergc : a competitive shadow which is excited about everything!
@SirLegendary : The Legendary leader of the glorious order

This chapter is the prequel to the Legendary uprising, and details half of the previous day The next chapter will involve the other half of that day, including helpo's ban, AP's ban, apldeap and saph's reaction to the start of the anarchy, as well as the beginning of the Legendary quest to douse and ignite helpo (A story which will most likely span 2 chapters if I get to write it before Legend returns and resumes the writing himself !)

Feel free to share your thoughts about this! Thanks

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wow! good chapter, Doom! i liked it! YAY!

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