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ForumsArt, Music, and WritingArt Competition: Username Interpretations! Round #3 : **Pending...**

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Username Interpretations!!!

Here be the rules when the contest begins:
The rules are simple:
1) You can't draw based off of your own username
2) It must be original
3) They must be an AG user.
4) It, of course, must adhere to forum rules.
5) Only one of your entries can be considered a winner, but you can enter as many as you please.

Deadline would be 45 days from contest start.

Winner would be determined not only by appearance, but by uniqueness and out-of-the-box interpretation.

That being said, you don't have to draw the literal meaning, you just need to give your own unique interpretation, or a drawing based off the user themselves.

Round Two Begins

Upon request I have shortened it to six usernames:


As I have made a number of these already, I won't be putting in any entries, but for an example, my favorite one I made:

It is up to you on how you interpret the username, do your best, and have fun with it!

Deadline for the competition is 06/05/2015!

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Anyone taking the challenge of drawing mine?

5,065 posts

@MrDayCee/@Koshionos, will this thread ever be functioning again?

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