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Woah, I created a thread in the AMW. That's rare for me to do.

Anyways, this story is about ArmorGames as a highschool. So of course the users in ArmorGames will be students there(except knights, moderators, and admins who will be school staff). Anyways I'm going to make sure this story has tons of references. Heck, even the entire chapter could be a reference on it's own. Just know there will be references.

Alright criticism, I will allow criticism of all forms. Just as long as it doesn't insult me or anyone else. Just on the story.

If there's a question about the story that you'd like to ask I'll be happy to answer... probably... depending on what the question is about exactly.

Anyways here are the list of users that are characters so far:

Ferret: School pet
DanMcNeely: Superintendent
Boppins: School repairman
Tasselfoot: Executive coach

MrDayCee: Janitor, everyone hangs out with him and pets his beard.
Gantic: Principal
Moe: Politics teacher
Zophia: art teacher
Kega: Catalan language teacher, she loves to hang out in the art room
Frank: Science teacher he hangs out with groups of students because he can.
Strop: School Nurse, he is often seen doing ninja training
Reton: Literature teacher
Unleash: Math teacher
Walker: Gym teacher
Weird: Information tech

Minotaur: A 23 year old looking 16 intellectual with a thing for alcohol. Likes to chase after young girls and is extremely sociable. He only got his bus license because he looked old enough.
Cen: Librarian that everyone likes but isn't seen much.
Nicho: The petulant history teacher.
Hectichermit: The hobo that sells natural drugs.
Xeano: The hall monitor that acts like he's cool. He's also really bad at his job.
Ernie: The one who serves lunch. Sometimes he serves bizarre foods that nobody has ever seen or heard of.
Asherlee: Weight room teacher and wrestling coach. She is Amazonian and 7 feet tall.
Calm: School counselor
Carlie: Swim teacher and coach
GoM: Football coach
Ivan: The punk kid on parole. He expresses his anger through drawings.

Knights that are not knights in the story yet.
R2: A robot that is constantly abused but still loves his abusers.
Patrick: The serious one who points out small details in a pinch

Clancy: foreign exchange student
arcticwolf: Clancy's twin who isn't as Canadian pro as Clancy
Riptizoid: 7 year old who is somehow in highschool. He dreams of his fantasy of marrying Lauren which will most likely never happen.
Mastaplaya: Football playa who loves to take selfies
Manly: extremely buff, but emotionally affected person
pang: Questionable gender person who is a twin to Sal
Sal: A guy who constantly lies to other students. He is pang's twin and is often seen talking about music.
Snag: A penguin that loves to play games.
Pick: Thief he's also the hawt one. No explanation needed.
Daleks: The one who tries to dropout but keeps coming back
Matt: The creative one who keeps making comics. The guy who comes to class, does the work and leaves early, talking to no one.
StormWalker: A violent female human who is mostly seen with poking people with needles of sharpness. She sometimes mutters about murder. Although once in awhile she goes over to a group of people.
Lauren: She is the girl that is there but is rarely ever noticed. She's also part vampire walrus.
Killersup: The one to talk like he's that voice guy in those one movie commercials. He also likes to talk in 3rd person.
Silver: The Irish guy whos main hobby is to hang around a group and annoy the members of that group. They like to hang around him anyways.
Nivlac: The one who tries to be funny but just causes awkward silence.
09philj: The antagonistic, sardonic, geek
Jack: A student who is an extreme peace-loving activist.
Nurv: An owl, that isn't very smart and likes to read children's books.
Aggs: The kawaii desu moshi moshi kid with the temper. She annoys her sister, Storm.
Omegap: the emotional kid that cries at everything, and is extremely clumsy
Dapro: The one kid that can be seen chucking everything out of the bus windows. Loves to throw stuff like a baseball pitch at anything that moves.
Pieguy: The smart one everyone cheats off of. He is just about every school activity there is, like football, chorus, art club, debate team, marching band, and even cheerleading.
minecraftsniper: A ball of hair that is annoying and loves to bite people.
superbobdabest: Captain of the football team and holder of all football knowledge.
danwar: The guy to stand up to bullies, he has a pretty hot temper.
DarkFire: The slacker who rarely speaks and when he does it's usually just insults.
niku: timetraveler who came to the past for the free donuts.
Darth: A shy, funny B student who is charming.
Frank_Frooton: A 25 year old goth who really needs to get out of school someday.
EvilSweetBlock: The kid who rarely goes to class, he also likes to hold people late for class.
Liquid: athletic geek, who hangs with other geeks like the band geeks, speed cubing geeks, and the others.
StormDragon: A shy, playful tomboy. Despite being a teacher's pet and a bookworm, she will get into a fight if needed. She also likes dragons, wolves, anime, comics, and prefers fiction over nonfiction.
Zirco: A cute girl that loves learning, bad jokes, and punk rock.
apldeap: A laid-back Flipino kid who cracks jokes and is very violent. He likes to think of himself as a smart person. He also is seen with burgers and soda, though nobody knows where he gets them.
Eliakith: He knows everyone and everyone knows him but his aura puts him off. He finishes his work earlier than everyone and is mostly seen playing D&D. He will never join a sport.
Blk: Smart guy slacker who's always arguing and constantly getting into trouble. Reads all the time and is pretty good at the saxophone which he plays in band.
Isigna: The hotheaded transexual kid who'd rather be called a guy. Sings along to sing-alongs, multitasks, and stands up to bullies.
Balloon_Girl: Happy-go-lucky child who's best friend is a balloon she brings everywhere with her. Mess with her balloon, you mess with her.
Gandalf: The kid who's life is all LARP. He watches waaay too much LotR.
Gamerguy: The guy who dares to play his Gameboy in class. He's mostly seen talking of DotD.
KGFM: The creepy girl that hangs out in the science lab and creates weapons, the big kind, and bots that invade blood cells. She is never shy around strangers and is on sugar, explaining why she has a cookie in her pocket at all times.
Moon: The apathetic cool kid. She constantly skips class and is mostly seen being suspended.
Guest_Pegasus: A kind freshman girl who is loved by most people. However, she is very gullible and struggles through depression.
Saphire: The girl that seemingly has everything in her bag, who also loves animals to the extreme.
Trigon: The 27 year old tourist from Indonesia who ended up at the wrong place, but saw his opportunity to become a teacher and is now trying his best to become one.
DoomBreed: The creepy arsonist who dreams of setting everything on fire! People only hang out with him because he does their homework.
Legendary: The positive guy who is legendary.
Armorplayer: A shadow of a kid who stalks students to find worthy opponents. Sometimes he sits alone and counts all the way to 100.
Gogotank: A friendly penguin who keeps hugging random people at school for some reason. He sometimes takes out his mp4 player and listens to music nobody has heard of.
Red: A guy with a low self-esteem who most people avoid. Dreams of painting the entire school and students red. Can occasionally be heard whispering "Pirate Parties".
FishPreferred: A pedantic and skeptical scholarly type with almost no emotional investment in anything whatsoever. Often reading books about logic and physics, some of which may be course related, and correcting statements made by complete strangers. Considers the truth more important than preserving the feelings/cherished beliefs of others. Does not consider anyone a close friend. Polite, but often condescending. Socially awkward, but fine with that.
devanash: A guy who has some slight problems. He is always gossiped by other people, and often portrayed as a flirty hyperactive kid. He tries to be his best to other people, and hates being scolded for a thing he didnt do. Has a slight sense of humor, and hates guys with ego.

If you would like to be added, please tell me the personality your character would have.

In order to be added as a character, you must have at least 1,000 posts or be known throughout the Community. This is to stop users with like 1 post to come in, asking to be a character, and then never show up again.

The rate I'll be posting each chapter will(hopefully) be 2 weeks a month. So expect lots of chapters coming.

Chapter 0: Before the Beginning
Chapter 1: The New Kid
Chapter 2: Poor Lauren
Chapter 3: Matt's Reign of Terror
Chapter 4: The New Chapter
Chapter 5: Nurse's Dojo
Chapter 6: Catch that Ferret!
Chapter 7: Dang it Clancy!
Chapter 8: Is That Daleks?
Chapter 9: Road Trip
Chapter 10: Storm's Daydream Part 1
Chapter 11: Please Don't AP
Chapter 12: Clancy's Canadian Cooking
Chapter 13: Bomb Threat
Chapter 14: Dodgeball
Chapter 15: Wrath of the Forum Games
Chapter 16: The King's Throne
Chapter 17: New Security

Current editors: @StormWalker, @Clancy12, and @09philj

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king of time travel somehow in high school

you did not read this, so I re-posted it.

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I think he read this allright @riku_ullman, but he's probably busy writing the next chapter right now...

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hapter? roght?

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I forgot to check the post while writing this on my mobile phone... the keyboard still has some hickups, which causes such typos. But I corrected them now.

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So Salvidan might be back? seems cool. Also i think that by the end of the chapter i will not go to highschool so i at least survive from getting my soul rip off my body thanks to Storm :/

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I do hope Salvidian will come back... I've send him a message to check in, but I haven't received an answer yet, nor have I seen him active anywhere on the site yet. I guess we'll have to wait and see... =)

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Chapter 2: Poor Lauren

It was 8 in the morning when Lauren's alarm rang. She groans as she hits the snooze with the palm of her hand and nestles back into the deliciously warm pillows. Almost as an afterthought, she rolls her head to face the clock, and suddenly jumps out of bed.
"Oh my god! I'm late!" She quickly runs to her dresser and changes into her clothes for school. "First day of school and I'm already late," she mumbles, hopping around the room with one leg in her pants sleeve. After getting dressed, she quickly grabs a cereal bar, her school bag, and leaves her house. By the time she gets out, she sees a regrettably familiar vehicle and hears an even more regrettably familiar voice.
"Yoo-hoo! Lauren~!" Rip waves from the back seat of a rusted car. It has many dents and cracks, and looks more like an ancient war relic than an actual transportational vehicle. "Ride with us, bae."
With a sigh, Lauren goes around to the back seat and sits down next to Rip, who scooted into the middle to make room. Of course, Rip wasn't the only one in the car. pang was in the driver's seat, Sal had a shotgun (and was also sitting shotgun), and Pick was seated to the right of Rip.
"Everyone buckled up?" asks pang.
&quotang, there aren't any seat belts," says Pick in his booger-filled voice.
pang smiles in the rearview mirror. "Yeah, I keep forgetting about that. Well, just hold onto your seats."
He shifts into reverse and backs out. While they're backing out, Sal opens his face and complains. "I still don't see why I had to come," he says sulkily. "Why couldn't you have let me taken the bus? I wanted to discuss guitar riffs with Mino."
"You could discuss guitar riffs with me," offers pang as he sets the gear to drive.
"I already did," groans Sal. "Twice."
The group drives down the block, and suddenly, pang spins the wheel hard. The car randomly turns into a forest that has no road.
"Uhh pang, the road is back there." says Lauren, having a sudden bad feeling about this trip.
pang looks into the mirror at Lauren. "Don't tell me where the road is, woman."
"Yeah, well, I'd like to get to school in one piece, so I think I'll get out now."
"No, Lauren!" bawled Rip, clinging to her arm. "Don't go!"
......... "TOO BAD!" hollered pang, flooring the accelerator. "WE'RE GOING MY WAY!" He turned the radio up, and it played some weird music that pang apparently knew all the lyrics to. He started shouting them along with the radio as everyone else held onto their seats for dear life. Lauren regretted ever getting into the car.
........................ A few seconds later, pang then stops next to a tree in the forest and gets out.
"The engine broked," says pang.
"The engine broked?" asks Lauren. "Do you even grammar? And I didn't hear anything wrong with the engine."
pang opens the hood and throws the engine on the ground, neglecting the horrible heat or weight because pang can do manly things sometimes. He pounds on it with his feet, ... jumping up and down. He looked about ready to start yodelling war cries.
"It's broked now."
Lauren sits there, her mouth agape. She looks around at the others, but they were just smiling.
"Lauren, honey," says Rip sweetly. "Close your mouth, you're going to attract flies."
"I can't believe this!" she shouts. &quotang strands us in the middle of a forest and you guys aren't even worried?! It's like you guys planned this or something!"
"We did," says Sal.
"Sal!" everyone groaned, except for Lauren, who was even more pissed than she was before.
Sal continues. "Rip even snuck in your house and set your alarm to go off at 8." Everyone glares at him. "Hey, you guys wouldn't let me ride the bus and talk to Mino about riffs. I didn't want to do this."
Riptizoid smiles nervously at Lauren, who is glaring at him with anger in her eyes, "You see Lauren, it's all just a big misunder-"
"How could you do this to me?!" screams Lauren. "Pip! I told you before, I am NOT into you! You're small and creepy! Making me late for school won't bring you closer to me! In fact, it's doing the complete opposite." She then turns to pang, the anger subsiding somewhat. "Can we please go to school now?"
pang just stands there, like a log with feet. "We can't. The engine is busted."
"You can fix it though, right?"
"Are you kidding? I can't fix that mess," pang says, pointing to the tangled mass of scraps that used to be an engine.
"I could call Frank," offers Pick, his first helpful contribution of the day. "He could probably pick us up."
pang sighs. "I guess we have no other choice, then..." He waves a hand imperiously. "Go ahead."
Pick grabs his cellphone from his pocket and calls Frank. While he's talking to Frank, Lauren looks in the rearview mirror and uses it to apply mascara.
"Hello Frank, I... Yes I know... Yes, sorry, but look, I have a problem. I'm in the woods near Raze Road with pang, Rip, Sal, and Lauren. We had some car trouble and we need someone to pick us up... Alright, thanks man." Pick hangs up and turns back to them. "He's on his way."
Half an hour later, a red truck pulls up, with Frank in the driver's seat.
"What were you kids doing out here?"
"Rip was an idiot and made me drive us into the woods so he could be alone with Lauren while Sal, Pick, and I go get help", says pang promptly.
"What?!" screams Rip. "I didn't do such a thing!"
Frank ignores Rip and asks, "Is this true?"
"Yes," chorused everyone but Rip, who scrunched his face up and bellowed, "No."
Frank sighs. "Rip, we talked about this. If you want a girl to like you, you don't create crazy plans. Just hang with her and be willing to listen."
"I don't like that advice."
"Yeah? Well, I'm pretty sure Lauren didn't want to be late for school just because you wanted her to date you." Frank opens the passenger door. "Lauren, ride up here with me. You guys can sit in the back."
"Wait!" shouts pang mournfully, not noticing Pick taking his wallet from his back pocket. "What about my car?"
"I'll call for a garbage truck when we get to school," deadpans Frank. "Now let's get going. I left MattEmAngel in charge, which was probably a bad idea."
And they were off, heading towards the highschool. It was a smooth ride. Of course, Rip fell (read: was pushed) out the back window a few times, but he was ok, if you didn't count the bruises and cuts on his body. Once they got to school, they were kicked out as Frank ran into the school building.
"Please tell me you're finished with all these insane plans," says Lauren.
"Huh?" asks Rip, his ears buzzing from falling out of the truck so many times. "Oh, yeah. Sure."
"Fantastic! Then we can just hang out as normal buds," says Lauren cheerfully as she walks inside with Rip.
pang feels his pockets as if he's missing something, "Where's my wallet?" he mumbles, then jerks up. "Where's Pickpocket?" He looks over just in time to see Pick run into the school. "Pick!" pang shouts as he chases after the pickpocket, who's hooting gleefully.
Sal walks into the building alone and is inside the main hallway with banners proclaiming "Welcome to ArmorGames High School!" when he runs into Mino.
"Mino! We need to catch up on our conversation about guitar riffs."
"No time, man," says Mino. "I need to go out and get my bus fixed. This morning, I ran over a deer with huge antlers, and I guess the antlers broke something. Anyways, good luck with your first day back."
Mino walks in the opposite direction, and Sal continues down the hallway and into another hall to begin the day.

Editor: @StormWalker

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à à à â��Yeah, well, Iâ��d like to get to school in one piece, so I think Iâ��ll get out nowâ�¦â��
à à à â��No, Lauren!â�� bawled Rip, clinging to her arm. â��Donâ��t go!â��
à à à â��TOO BAD!â�� hollered pang, flooring the accelerator. â��WEâ��RE GOING MY WAY!â��

gg R2
Seems to be coming along nicely, apart from &quotants sleeves." I still think you're mad.
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I fixed the broken parts for you @R2D21999. I assumed that those "..." parts are correct? This was the only thing I could imagine being right in those places... tell me if they aren't and I will fix it as you want it to, ok? =)

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The next chapter is my favorite one so far :}

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This morning, I ran over a deer with huge antlers

Please. Don't go off killing people. Also am I human or a T-rex?
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Also am I human or a T-rex?

You are a Dalek, obviously.
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I'm worried because I don't know how much R2 really knows about me, so I have no idea how I'm going to act in the story.

You should be worried.

And also just call me Matt.

That's already done, so you can rest easy on that.

I'm not sure how many spoilers R2 will allow me to drop, so I'll shut up now.

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My character is the guy who is new, but charming in a way that nobody hates him. He is shy, but funny. He should have alot of friends, and likes to cook. He is a B student, and is great at logic and math. Please use my character alot, but I would like it if you could use him as much as you can.

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Storm , you said too much!!! Ran before R2 catches you D: !!!

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