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So I've tired learning before. Never really tried though. I'm trying more now. On some site called

I like it. Explains quite a bit.

I started with HTML, figured it would be the easiest. So far, it's rather simple, I started last night pretty much. I don't expect to really know it this fast though.

Like the title says, my biggest problem(this applies to all languages), how am I supposed to remember everything?

I've always had trouble, when trying to learn, to remember to put #include iostream, cout, etc...

How do you guys remember where to place all the code, and how and when?

I remember some things, but I keep forgetting and , for example.

This is my biggest problem so far.

Also, after I've finally learned HTML(I hope), which should I move onto next?

Javascript, CSS, and PHP, are pretty essential for web, development, correct?

In what order?

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