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ForumsThe Tavern[necro] What rriinngg-tone do you have?!

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I just struck me... as we live in the age of highly developed technology, we have the benefit of being completely mobile available with our cell phones!

New versions come out every few weeks and each has it's own features, but... what always stays the same is one key feature for every mobile phone: the Ringtone!

Some prefer to have a simple one like the world wide known standard Nokia Ringtone®, whereas others like to 'imp' their mobile and make it more accustomed to their preference with a song or sound.

To kick off the discussion... I use a song called Stranger Than Paradise by "Sleeze Beez" and have it for over 2 years already! It is never used by anyone and has a nice buildup without scaring the crap out of you whenever someone calls. =)

So here it goes...

What's your ringtone and what are it's pro's and con's?

Discuss! =D

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