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ForumsThe Tavern[necro]"It's so hot!" "IT'S SUMMER TIME!"

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I'm so annoyed with people complaining about the weather and how hot and dry it is. (at least where I am) Seriously, it's summer time, the weather is supposed to be hot, go out side, get a tan, sweat, hurt your self, go do something!

It's not going to do you any lasting damage, heat isn't all that bad. I hate having to listen to "It's so hot!" Well yea, it is, it's summer. Give it a few months and I'll have to listen to you complain about how cold winter is.

So to give this thread some reason other me complaining about whinny people, what do you guys do when it's warm, or, to stay cool so you don't complain and annoy the hell out of all your friends?

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I feel stupid... I just read the last part of your post, CheapCheep, and now it's clear to me why you didn't specify in the first place where you bask in lovely weather...

Wondering why you thought it would be "
a great place to live for someone who can't stand any weather below 70 degrees!
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